How can you choose your nail technician ?

Hi ladies , I realised there are some misunderstandings around this topic. There are so many ways to make sure that your nail tech is the right one for you. In this blog I would like to help you find the one that suits you. Let’s see. The best way ,as always , is research and the easiest way to do is Google and with Google map you can check which is the closest as well. This is really handy for you. So now that you know where they are how are you going to choose the best one? I would say a professional salon or self employed nail tech have a website usually with a unique, personalised logo. If they don't , forget them fast. It’s not about the money nowadays. It’s a question of time and goodwill. To me, not spending time or energy to build a website does not appear very professional. So, after you have seen these websites you still have 3 nail bars around you. Check the websites again. Usually, they have a link to their Facebook page so next step check that. Look at the reviews. Some people are never satisfied so don't worry if you see a few negative ones out of 100 positives. If you feel it looks all right go and check some photos from her jobs Here’s what you need to look for : First and most importantly check that there is no damage to/around the nails as this means she can’t use nail files correctly . A professional nail tech uses her nail files very carefully and there will be no damaged cuticles or blood around them. The only time that these would acceptable would be when the client comes with bitten nails but usually it would be seen in the description. It is very important to make sure that the photos are her own and not someone else's. Some tech will have no shame in using photos they never took. You can see if the background and the style are the same or not. You are only two steps away from finding your perfect nail tech: and it is only a matter of style and taste. Some ladies like simple, plain colours, some prefer designs, bright colours, others don’t. From the pictures, decide which are more you and book an appointment. Last but not least, check that your nail technician is qualified. If not you could end up with damaged nails for life. Most techs will display their qualifications in their salon or their website. Even more reassuring if they take part in/win competitions . The saying :”you get what you pay for" is not necessarily true when it comes to nails: cheap is no good but expensive does not always mean good either .Do not let the price be the decider. I hope my advice will help you to find easily the best nail tech, have nice nails and feel more beautiful

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